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Geometry in Timișoara

West University of Timișoara

01 -  02 March 2024


The workshop aims at bringing together young mathematicians and experienced researchers to share ideas and discuss their current research projects.

Participants (A - Z)                           

Luca Accornero (MPIM Bonn)

Anton Alekseev (University of Geneva)

Petre Birtea (West University of Timișoara)

Søren István Adorján Dyhr (CRM/UPC)

Anna Fokma (Utrecht University)

Alfonso Garmendia (CRM Barcelona)

Aaron Gootjes-Dreesbach (Utrecht University)

Kevin van Helden (University of Gronigen)

Patrick Heslin (National University of Ireland)

Peter Kristel (Hausdorff Center Bonn)

Levin Maier (University of Heidelberg)

Leonid Ryvkin (University Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

Miron Stanciu, University of Bucharest & IMAR)

Thomas Strobl (University Claude Bernard Lyon 1)

Aissa Wade (Penn State University)

Aldo Witte (University of Antwerp)


Cornelia Vizman (West University of Timișoara)

Zohreh Ravanpak (West University of Timișoara)

Ioana Ciuclea (West University of Timișoara)

Beware of hotel and travel scams! If you require accommodation, you will be contacted directly by one of the organizers with details. Emails from any other sender should be regarded as spam. 

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